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  • deep learning Does batch_size in Keras have any effects in results’ quality?

    Content Generative AI Recommended Reading Written by Devansh- Machine Learning Made Simple Effect of batch size Tabula Rasa: Why Do Tree-Based Algorithms Outperform Neural Networks Result: How To Change the Learning Rate of TensorFlow Computer Science > Machine Learning Conclusion This conclusion is valid whether the model is in the early or late regime of […]

  • Goodwill Overview, Examples, How Goodwill is Calculated

    Content Journal entry for goodwill on acquisition Goodwill in Financial Modeling How Does Goodwill Affect Financial Statements? Debit and credit rules (applicable to goodwill) Goodwill vs. Other Intangibles Journal Entry for Goodwill on Acquisition If the goodwill amount is written down after the acquisition, it could indicate that the buyout is not working out as […]

  • Accounting ledgers: A beginners guide to ledgers for 2023

    Sub-ledgers within each account provide details behind the entries documented in account ledgers, such as if they are debited or credited by cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. If you look at the information that’s recorded in an accounting journal and an accounting ledger, a lot of it would look the same. But there are […]

  • How to convert cash basis to accrual basis accounting

    Content Examples of transactions recorded under cash basis accounting Why Are You Moving from Accrual Basis Accounting? Cash to accrual conversion examples Double Entry Bookkeeping Switch to cash basis accounting method – Eligibility If a supplier invoice cannot verify an accumulated expense, reverse it in the financials. The accrued liabilities section of the balance sheet […]

  • How to Report Foreign Income without a W-2

    Content Business What Day Of The Week Does The IRS Deposit Direct Deposits Save Time Tax Brackets Please complete the security check to access Tax software vs. tax preparers Deluxe – $7.99 for federal and $14.99 for each state return You can also rest easy with their 100% accuracy guarantee and their IRS inquiry […]

  • HOA Accounting An in-depth Look at HOA Finances and Accounting

    Content HOA Law on Financial Statements Learn How to Prevent Fraud at Your Community An agent is not available at this time. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-431-9025. Essential Monthly HOA Financial Reports HOA AccountingHomeowners Association Accounting What Homeowner Associations Need to Know About Accounting Standard Changes for Revenue Recognition Aged Delinquency […]

  • Profit vs Income 5 Most Valuable Differences To Learn

    Let’s say a company sells widgets for $5 each on net-30 terms to all of its customers and sells 10 widgets in August. Since it invoices its customers on net-30 terms, the company’s customers won’t have to pay until 30 days later, or on Sept. 30. As a result, August’s revenue will be considered accrued revenue until the company […]